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The “Silence Breakers”

The #MeToo Movement Time magazine has named “The Silence Breakers,” representing people who came forward to report sexual misconduct, as its Person of the Year. On Wednesday, the magazine named the #metoo movement — or the “Silence Breakers” as the “Person of the Year,” a nod to the millions of people who came forward with their stories […]

Why We All Need a Tribe

Like you, I am a part of many groups, teams, membership bodies and communities of practice. They all offer something different. For some, I receive more than I give, while for others, the opposite is true. One of my ‘tribes’ (see our happy group photo from yesterday’s Christmas lunch) stands out however as being pretty […]

Becoming a ‘Choice Architect’

The desire to do – and be – our best is an innate driver for most people. While I say ‘most people’, I actually believe it is important to all human beings. Different People, Different Pathways However, life’s journey takes us down many different paths. Some of those paths nurture our desire and ability to be […]

Influencing Without Authority – Masterclass

Learn how to influence key people to achieve your goals To be successful at your job, you must be able to: (1) “sell” an idea or project, (2) persuade coworkers or peers to provide support and/or resources, or (3) get people to do something that they may not necessarily want or need to do. However, […]

10 Year Annivesary

The Leadership Sphere was founded in 2007 by Phillip Ralph after spending six years leading program delivery across 40 countries and 40,000 staff for the ANZ bank’s Breakout and Cultural Transformation program. The experience and learnings gained in being part of a globally successful program that focussed so widely and deeply on being ‘the bank […]

You May Hate Planning, But You Should Do it Anyway

Some of the smartest people that I have ever met struggle with convincing themselves to do one thing: plan their work. They’re off the charts in terms of analyzing all sorts of things from manufacturing processes to stocks to nuclear particles. But when it comes to their own time management or laying out a plan […]

Leadership Skills – My Top 10

The Skills Employers are Looking For Today What are the top leadership skills sort after by employers? To make this assessment I need to reflect. In 2013, I wrote a chapter in the book “Emerging Trends in Leadership Strategy” entitled The Challenge of the Leadership Gap. Why the ‘Leadership Gap’? The reality is that strategy, […]